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You supply high-quality learning programs and materials.
There is high demand for your learning programs.
Peers connects the market's demand and your supply.

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Access to new customers & industries

Peers offers you access to a constantly growing network of companies from different industries. Your learning content can become part of their training programs. Also, Peers helps you to be part of the accelerating digital transformation!

Increased learning success and sales volumes

Our customers give our learning content an average of 4.5 stars and our completion rates are over 80%. As a result, you can count on recurring bookings and increasing learning budgets year over year.

Differentiation of products and services for existing customers

Differentiate your product portfolio with our advanced AI-based learning path generator. With our Peer2Peer recommendations and user activations, you can take full advantage of existing learning budgets.

Data-based insights into learning behavior

Peers gives you insights into the learning behavior and bookings of users. Optimize your learning contents based on our usage statistics.

We are about to change learning for good


skills that are just waiting to be matched with your content.


completion rate by our learners, resulting in higher rates of follow-up bookings.


growth in booking rates per user through the use of Peers.

4,5 stars


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