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Peers: The AI-driven learning platform

Personalized continuous AI-driven learning is key to organizational growth. Increase innovation and productivity while driving digitalization.
The future of work starts here.

1. Map your goals to your employee’s skills

We analyze your skill needs based on your business strategy and the individual competencies of your employees.

2. Identify and bridge the skill gaps

Out of a pool of over 13,000 skills, based on the ESCO database of the European Commission and developed by us in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IAO, our artificial intelligence SELENA selects those that truly match your employees’ goals.

3. Create personalized learning paths

In under five minutes, SELENA, our artificial intelligence, searches through thousands of learning programs offered by our world-renowned partners and creates personalized learning paths that help your employees reach their full potential.

4. Make learning fun – with Peers

Our digital platform makes learning fun. Track the learning progress of your employees directly through our intuitive user interface. Our learning programs show completion rates of over 80%, far above those of other major learning providers. This increases employee retention and motivates your employees to actively shape their careers. To do this, they conveniently access their personalized learning content on the Peers platform and structure their learning program themselves. Learners come together in teams of Peers to learn and share their knowledge. Our customers give our personalized learning programs an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

5. Simplify and automate L&D processes

Our fully digital learning management system simplifies and automates your L&D processes. You can track the learning successes of your employees transparently on our platform and always stay on top of their progress. Besides, you can adjust learning paths individually when needed in order to align strategic corporate goals with workforce development goals. We make your work easier with measurable results: With Peers, you save up to four hours per week. What otherwise would cost a lot of time, resources and money, is now available at the click of a button.

6. Cloud-based and scalable, for your digital future

The Peers learning platform is a cloud-based software (software as a service: SaaS), securely hosted on servers in Germany, available 24/7 and GDPR compliant.

With Peers, you and your employees win


of our learning programs are completed.

4,5 stars

is the average rating our learners give our learning programs.


of our customers claim that Peers facilitates the digital transformation of their organization.

4 hours

per week is the time HR employees save with Peers.

Over 10.000

learning programs available on our platform.

Over 13.000

available skills through the ESCO database of the European Commission, and through our own Peers Skill Database.

Do you want to learn more about the Peers platform?

Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss the skill demands of your organization and how our AI SELENA can help you empower your employees.
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