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Learning is our life

We have a clear objective: to offer the smartest and most efficient solution for personalized learning, so all employees in Europe can access high quality individualized learning programs.

What Peers stands for

We have our mind set on one thing: A Europe that stays up to date; and a more widespread love of learning is key to achieve that. Peers stands for continuous growth and pioneering training courses that adapt to every professional‚Äôs learning preferences. We create equal opportunities for everyone ‚Äď regardless of their background, age, gender or career path. We implement what numerous studies have already shown: if companies want to shape the markets of tomorrow, they need to invest in re- and upskilling their employees today. With our team of L&D experts, Peers supports you every step of the way.

These organizations already trust us:

Goals to change the world

Peers strives to achieve four of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore Peers is a sustainable company and as a team, we strongly identify as such.

4. Quality Education

We create high-quality education

The most renowned learning and development providers, and over 13,000 skills in one place: Peers facilitates the very best in efficient, lifelong learning.
8. DECENT work and economic growth

We support decent work and economic growth

With the latest training programmes, Peers helps people to keep learning the skills that will help them progress in our rapidly changing world. We strengthen people and teams, which turn creates greater job security.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are laying the foundations for more innovation

We ensure innovation is not limited to a technical level. Peers helps people grow with the help of the latest technology and changing processes. The position of the company in question is strengthened thanks to its qualified employees.
10. Reduced inequalities

We provide greater equality

SELENA, our AI tool, is totally unprejudiced ‚Äď just like we are. We believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of their age, gender, background, income, job, or years of experience.

Help us shape the future of work

We enable people to grow and develop by adapting their learning experience to their rhythm and lifestyle ‚Äď at Peers, we make upskilling fun, ensure that success can be achieved quickly, and turn continuous learning into a pleasant part of every individual‚Äôs routine.

The people behind Peers

Elisa Hertzler

CEO & Founder

Shahul Hameed

Chief Technology Officer

Sara Ronzero V√°zquez

Head of L&D

Gordana McNamara

Chief Commercial Officer

Furqan Hameed

Head of Product

Filip Jo Friemann

Senior Product Designer UX/UI

Daniel Dubalski

Senior Account Manager

Dörte Schulz

Account Manager

Renke Muskat

Sales Manager

Stefan Esau

Sales Development Representative

Liza Harm

Marketing Managerin

Razi Abdul Rasheed

Senior Frontend Developer

Paul Kottalil George

Senior Full Stack Developer

Musammil Lainakilath Thidil

Senior Product Designer

Vikas Periyadath

Senior Backend Engineer

Anna-Lena Spogis

People-, Operations & Accounting-Manager

Anahita Ghajar

Learning & Development Specialist

Rick Fischer

Entrepreneur in Residence Intern

Réka Emma Hidas

Product Manager Intern

Ida Eickmann

Working Student Learning & Development

Keturah Warren

Working Student Sales & Marketing

We want you!

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