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Motivated, committed, personalized:
Increase employee retention and productivity through goal-oriented upskilling

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Keller Laser
Seed + Speed

Automated & scalable:
Employee development made easy

Peers is an AI-driven learning platform that gives you everything you need for effective employee development: Whether it is a skill gap analysis, a way to deliver learning content in the form of personalized learning paths, or a system to measure learning progress, our AI can do it in an automated and scalable way, on one single platform.

Motivated, committed, personalized:
Build a new learning culture & boost ROI sustainably

When your employees can develop individually while learning together, they are more motivated and productive.
Boost your return on investment sustainably by establishing a goal-oriented learning culture.

86% increase in employee retention

37% boost in productivity

2x faster implementation of digital transformation

75% cost savings on recruiting

2x more resilient to crises

4 hours of work saved per week per HR staff member

Why Peers?

Skill gap analysis: Selecting from over 13.000 skills

We help your business adjust to the work requirements of the future by giving you access to our vast skill database of over 13.000 skills. Every step of the entire L&D process, we will support you with our team of L&D experts.

Providing you with high-quality learning content

In under five minutes, SELENA, our artificial intelligence, identifies existing skills gaps and uses learning content offered by our world-renowned partners to create personalized learning paths, enabling your employees to reach their full potential.

Measuring learning progress in real time

Our intuitive user interface allows you to track the learning progress of your employees in real time: With completion rates of over 80%, you can be sure that your employees are actually implementing what they have learned in their day-to-day work.

Automating and scaling your L&D processes

We automate your L&D processes and make them scalable: Save effort and time during budgeting, account creation and training course selection

What our customers say about us

  • Peers is a great addition to the world of HR!

    Michaela Reimann
    Joseph-Stiftung, HR Manager

  • I want to make my employees fit to face current and future challenges in their jobs. I consider Peers to be a reliable partner for this. It allows us to guarantee productivity and efficiency in the long term.

    Andreas Riguzzi
    Riguzzi AG, CEO and owner

  • Peers provides perfect support. I can imagine myself recommending Peers to HR and other departments at Gleason.

    Sven Stark
    Gleason-Pfauter Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Director of Aftersales & Service

  • Peers really helped me develop. The best thing is that you can assess progress, so you can easily review what you’ve learned.

    Manuela Zanoli
    Keller Laser AG, HR & Administration

  • Manually developing individual learning programs takes us months. Peers is the extended arm of our HR department, allowing us to train our employees faster and with greater focus.

    Kerstin Kägler
    TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Head of Corporate HR Learning & Development

  • Peers Solutions provides guidance in the confusing re- and up-skilling market: With a clear focus on our industry and built-in flexibility when it comes to accommodating the needs of our company and our employees.

    Oliver Maassen
    TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Chief Human Resources Officer

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Upskilling: Start learning today what will be important in the future

What skills will be—or remain—important in the future? Peers offers content and training program from our ever-growing database. Out of a pool of 13.000 skills, our artificial intelligence SELENA selects those that truly match each learner’s goals. Our huge skill database is based on the European Commission’s ESCO database, and was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IAO.

Digital transformation: Satisfied employees learn more

How do you successfully guide your employees through digital transformation? One-size-fits-all learning has run its course: the dismal login and completion rates shown by major learning providers speak for themselves. We help you make learning more attractive for employees — by tailoring it to their needs. Using our AI-driven learning program selection, we ensure that all our learning content stays highly relevant to your workforce, in a way that allows them to apply what they’ve learned directly to their work. Our completion rates, which are consistently above 80%, show that personalization makes a major difference when it comes to employees’ openness to learn. In addition, our platform allows you to create learning groups where your employees can share their progress and motivate each other. Our user data is proof of the success of this method: Learners are significantly more satisfied with this approach.

Measurable success: All data at a glance

How can you measure learning progress? With our dashboard, you can keep track of who in your team is currently taking a training course and what their learning progress is. Our platform informs you in real time about relevant data such as time learned, and user ratings of learning units. We also keep you up-to-date with insights into the latest learning topics trending in your industry, and offer you additional content that you can use to strategically configure your employees’ learning paths.

One platform for everything: Better results with less effort

How much time do you spend on budgeting, account creation and training course selection for each of your employees? With Peers, you can finally put an end to all that administrative hassle: Our platform gives you access to countless training providers with one single account, and one single bill. Peers is scalable: Easily onboard and train your employees by gaining access to our learning partners’ wide range of offers. Additionally, integrate your company’s own content using our intuitive user interface. Data collected from our users in the HR sector shows: With Peers, you save over 4 hours per week.

Have we sparked your interest?

We would be pleased to show you more in a one-on-one conversation.
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